Turtle and Tortoise Formulary


Meloxicam1 mg/kg q 12 hrs sq in kemps, 0.5 mg/kg q 24 hrs sq in greensNot effective for loggerheads, efficacy of oral dosing has not been confirmed
Tramadol5 mg/kg q 48 hours sq or PO, 10mg/kg q72 hrs sq or PO
Ketoprofen2mg/kg SQ q24hrs in loggerheads


Dexmedetomidine (DM)50-75 micrograms/kg, 5-25 micrograms/kg for debridement or compromisedOften combine with ketamine and/or butorphanol
Atipamazole (Antisedan)Same volume as DM IV or IMAntagonist/reversal DM
Ketamine1.5 mg/kg IV in combo with DM
Butorphanol0.4 mg/kg IV in combo with Ket/DM
Propofol5-7 loading IV, 3mg/kg IV maintenance, give to effectKeep refrigerated
Lidocaine6 mg/kg maximum dose 2 mg/kg intrathecal (preservative free)Can dilute 1:1 with saline or sodium bicarbonate for local blocks


Fenbendazole (Panacur)25 mg/kg SID x 3 days, repeat in 10-14 daysCauses bone marrow suppression in many species, careful in anemic patients
Biltricide (Praziquantel)25 mg/kg x 3 in one day, repeat in 10-14 daysSpirorchid trematode adult stages, not eggs
PraziquantelSame as above for flukes, tapeworms 7.5 mg per kg depending on spp of tapewormInjectable and tablets


AmikacinSea turtles: 5mg/kg (loading), 3mg/kg (maint) SQ q72hrs50mg/ml, 250mg/ml. Maintain hydration
Ceftazidime (Fortaz)20mg/kg SQ q72hrsAdd 10mL sterile water to vial (100 mg/ml), good for 3 days. Discard or aliquot (freeze).
Chloramphenicol50mg/kg PO SIDWEAR GLOVES-aplastic anemia in humans
Enrofloxacin (Baytril)5mg/kg SQ, or PO SID 20 mg/kg q5 days POIrritating to tissue, dilute 1:10 with saline for SQ, IM injection causes necrosis, and after a single injection, oral therapy is required.
Metronidazole (Flagyl)20mg/kg PO SID
Danofloxacin (A180)6mg/kg SQ q72hrs
Ampicillin30 mg/kg SQ q24hr
Clavomox30 mg/kg PO q24hr


Itraconazole5mg/kg PO SID or 15mg/kg PO q72hrsOral capsules or liquid suspension
Terbinafine20 mg/kg PO SID, 2mg/ml solution (mix tabs with sterile water) in a standard nebulizer for 20-30 minutes once daily for 28 days (minimum)Oral capsules or liquid suspension

Emergency Drugs

Doxapram (Respiram)5mg/kg IM or IV or intratrachealRespiratory stimulant
Dexamethasone Na Ph (Dexium SP)0.25 mg/kg IV, sq4mg/mL
Methylprednisolone (SoluMedrol)20mg/kg IVShort acting steroid, CNS trauma
Furosemide (Lasix)5mg/kg IM or IVDiuretic
Atropine sulfate0.02mg/kg IV, IM, SCBradycardia (slow HR)
Epinephrine0.1mg/kg IV/IM/ITCardiac stimulant
Diazepam0.15mg/kg IV/POSeizure control, sedative, appetite stimulant
Midazolam0.3 mg/kg IM/IV (good starting point)Seizure control, sedative, possible appetite stimulant
Iron Dextran5 mg/kg SQAcute blood loss
Vitamin K2 mg/kg SQHepatic disease, coagulopathyHepatic disease, coagulopathy
Calcium gluconate0.2ml/kg SQ23% solution
Potassium Chloride20 mEq/L of fluidHypokalemia (potassium)
DextroseBlood glucose <30 mg/dl=10% dextrose plus LRS or saline IV only, 31-50mg/dl=5% dextrose plus LRS or saline IV only
Sodium Bicarbonate1 meq/kg IV/SQMetabolic acidosis
Diphenhydramine (Benadryl)2 mg/kg IMAllergic reaction


Euthasol (Sodium Pentobarbital)3 ml/10 lbs to startOften additional needed, heavy sedation before euthanasia recommended


Cisapride1 mg/kg PO SIDGut motility enhancer
Mineral OilBased on animal size and route of administration. The starting point will be similar to tube feeding gruel protocol.GI lubrication, blockageAdminister via feeding tube or gel caps
Based on animal size and route of administration. Starting point will be similar to tube feeding gruel protocol.0.5mg/kg PO, SQUpper GI motility enhancer
Sucralfate (Carafate)500mg for small green, 2000 mg for juvenile loggerheadCoats gastric ulcers
Activated Charcoal (Toxiban)5 gm/kg POAbsorbs toxins


Vitamin B Complex0.1 ml per kg if thiamine is 100 mg/ml, SQ with fluids
Vitamin E (no selenium)11iu/kg SQ or IM once or twice weekly
Vitamin E/SeDose based on instructions on bottle for other species
Vitamin K2 mg/kg SQ
Vitamin C10mg/kg SQ or in fluids
Iron dextran5 mg/kg SQ/IMDose based on instructions on the bottle for other species


Procrit/Epogen (10,000u/mL)100-200 units/kg once daily for three days, then every other day until an increase in immature RBC’s100-200 units/kg once daily for three days, then every other day until an increase in immature RBCs
Denamarin/Happy liverUse dog doseMilk thistle

Abbreviation Key

SIDOnce per day
BIDTwice per day
TIDThree times per day
QIDFour times per day
EODEvery other day
q48Every 2 days, aka EOD
q72Every 3 days
q96Every 4 days
q1weekOnce per week
POBy mouth (per os)
OUBoth eyes
OSLeft eye
ODRight eye
LoadingInitial dose given (i.e., Amikacin)
MaintenanceLong term dose given (i.e., Amikacin)
mg/kgMilligrams per kilogram
mL/kgMilliliters per kilogram
mLMilliliter (also known as CC)
xTimes (multiplied)
BARBright Alert Responsive
QARQuite Alert Responsive
WNLWithin Normal Limits
EENTEars Eyes Nose Throat
CCTContinue Current Treatment
PEPhysical Exam
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