Practitioner Terms & Conditions

The Petyaari Practitioner Terms and Conditions below are applicable to any qualified Veterinary Practitioner or Veterinary health care provider, including but not limited to Veterinary doctors & Specialists, Behaviourists, Nutritionists, Therapist, Trainers and others who wish to be listed, or are already listed, on the Platform whether as an individual professional or as part of an organization (each such individual or organization hereinafter referred to as the “Practitioner”).

These PetYaari Practitioner Terms and Conditions have to be read in conjunction with the terms of PetYaari General Terms and Conditions and the Petyaari Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy. The Practitioner shall comply with the Privacy Policy of the Company and the applicable regulations relating to data privacy and data protection. The Practitioner shall comply with all the Petyaari General Terms and Conditions applicable with respect to the usage of the Platform.

  1. The Practitioner agrees that all information that is provided on to the Platform and any information uploaded by the Practitioner on the Platform, will be true, accurate, current, and complete up to date and current, to the best of the Practitioner’s knowledge.
  2. It is the sole and absolute discretion of the Company to approve or reject the Practitioner’s registration on the Platform based on the verification of the Practitioner’s educational qualifications, experience and other related information provided by the Practitioner during the registration process.
  3. The Practitioner agrees to treat the Pets based on the inputs provided by the Pet Owner who browses through the Platform and avails the appropriate Services from the Platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”) as the Practitioner would have otherwise treated the Client’s Pet on a physical one-on-one consultation model.
  4. Practitioners shall respond to and accept a material number of inquiries, appointments and booking requests received in the interest of the Client experience; and the Practitioners are prohibited from cancelling a material number of Scheduled Appointment Time. For the purposes of this set of PetYaari Practitioner Terms and Conditions, “Scheduled Appointment Time” means the date and time selected by the Client for an appointment with the Practitioner through the Platform for availing the Services.
  5. The Company reserves the right to set the pricing terms and to change them from time to time for the Services to be provided to the Client. The Practitioner hereby authorizes the Company to collect the fees on its behalf through the Platform and pay the fees to the Practitioner after deducting the applicable processing fees due to the Company. The Company may have promotional offers provided to the Client from time to time at its sole discretion for the Services provided through the Platform and the Practitioner agrees to provide cooperation to the Company for such promotional offers without any restrictions.
  6. The Practitioner understands and agrees that the Company uses the Practitioner’s name and logo, including trademarks (collectively, the “Practitioner Marks”) on the Platform and the Company’s marketing materials. The Company will be permitted to issue press releases of any kind referencing the Practitioner and the Practitioner Marks. However, the Practitioner shall seek written permission from Company to participate in any press releases or for using trade names, trademarks, or service marks of the Company in any of its/his/her advertisement, publicity, or promotion.
  7. In the event the practitioner is of the opinion that there is a need for a physical consultation and that is essential and mandatory for accurate diagnosis or any other resolution of the case, the Practitioner shall mandatorily be required to provide a Client referral for a physical evaluation.
  8. The Practitioner understands that the PetYaari shall not be liable, under any event, for any comments or feedback given by any of the Clients in relation to the Services provided by the Practitioner. The Company reserves the right for publishing or modifying or moderating the feedback provided by the Clients and the right to remove any abusive or inappropriate or promotional content added on the Platform.
  9. The Company ensures easy access to the Practitioners by providing a tool to update their profile information on the Platform. The Company reserves the right to moderate the changes or updates requested by Practitioners and shall at its sole discretion publish or reject the requests submitted by the Practitioners for the respective changes or updates. The Practitioners shall ensure that no such content breaches any third- party rights, including intellectual property rights and those they are not derogatory in nature.
  10. The Practitioner understands that the Company makes no promise or guarantee for the number of consultations that will be allocated to a Practitioner on the Platform or makes no recommendation to the Client through the Platform. The display of the Practitioners profiles in the Platform is solely based on the Client’s inputs and requirement. Further, the Company does not make any recommendation or suggestions to the Client with regard to the Practitioner’s profiles.
  11. The Practitioner agrees and acknowledges that the Vaccination charts, Prescriptions or Visit Notes (whichever is applicable) will be created or uploaded to the Platform. The Company shall not be liable for the accuracy of the information provided in the documents uploaded/created by the Practitioner and it is the Practitioner’s responsibility to maintain the correct information and ensure accuracy of the information uploaded/created through the Platform.
  12. The Practitioner shall comply with the following booking standards: (a) Ensure that the Client consults the same Practitioner with whom the appointment has been confirmed. If the Practitioner is unavailable, then the appointment should be cancelled or rescheduled to another time with advance notice to the Company and the Client. (b) Communicate to the Client about any expected delay/cancellation at least twelve (12) hours prior to the scheduled time of appointment. (c) Update the Practitioner’s Profile and calendar in the following cases: (i) Any scheduled leaves, holidays, e.g. on festivals; and, blocking calendar on personal holidays. (ii) Transfer of consulting Practitioners to another establishment. (c) Change in Practitioner’s consultation timings.
  13. The Practitioner has the discretion to cancel any consultation at any point in time in cases where the Practitioner feels that it is beyond his/her expertise or his/her capacity to treat the Client’s Pet by providing an appropriate explanation to the Client which shall include for further evaluation. However, the Practitioner understands that the Client shall be eligible for a refund policy for any of the acts mentioned under the below clause.
  14. The Following are the additional terms and obligations to be complied with by the Veterinary doctors and Specialists: (a)The Practitioner shall provide either e-prescription using the appropriate modules available on the Platform while providing consultation or upload the soft copy of the prescription as deemed appropriate by the Practitioner. The Practitioner shall strictly comply with the applicable regulations in prescribing any medicine to the Client. (b) The Practitioner is and shall be duly registered, licensed and qualified for treating diseases, disorders, and injuries in non-human animals and to practice medicine/provide health care services in the jurisdiction of his/her enrolment under The Indian Veterinary Council Act, 1984. (c) For a Practitioner to complete a consultation, it is mandatory to provide a consultation summary via the e-prescription module to all the registered Users in the format as a prescription by the Company. The recommended contents of the said consultation summary are as follows: Summary of presenting illness (i) Provisional diagnosis (ii) Medicine posology including side effects if any (iii) Diagnostics (iv) Lifestyle changes (If required) (v) Other special instructions (if any) (vi) Referral for physical consultation (if necessary)
  15. The Practitioner shall not share their personal, religious and/or moral views with the Client while consulting with them.
  16. The Practitioner agrees to keep confidential all deliverables and all data, technical, product, business, financial, and other information regarding the business and software programs of the Company, its affiliates, customers, employees, investors, contractors, vendors and suppliers (the “Confidential Information”), including but not limited to programming techniques and methods, research and development, computer programs, documentation, marketing plans, customer identity, user engagement models and business methods. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Confidential Information includes all information and materials disclosed orally or in any other form, regarding the Company’s and/or its affiliates’ software products or software product development including, but not limited to, the configuration techniques, data classification techniques, user interface, applications programming interfaces, data modelling and management techniques, data structures, and other information of or relating to the Company and its software products or derived from testing or other use thereof. The Practitioner shall at all times protect and safeguard the Confidential Information and agrees not to disclose, provide, transmit or otherwise convey any Confidential Information, in whole or in part, to any other person. The Practitioner agrees that it will not use any Confidential Information for his/her own purpose or for the benefit of any third party and shall honour the copyrights and other Intellectual Property Rights of the Company and will not copy, duplicate, or in any manner reproduce any such copyrighted materials. Upon request of the Company or upon cancellation of the Practitioner’s registration of the Agreement, the Practitioner shall promptly deliver to the Company any and all documents, notes, or other physical embodiments of or reflecting the Confidential Information (including copies thereof), if any that are in possession or control of the Practitioner. Nothing in this Petyaari Practitioner Terms & Conditions will be construed as conveying to the Practitioner any right, title or interests or copyright in or to any Confidential Information of the Company; or to convey any license as to use, sell, exploit, copy or further develop any such Confidential Information. The confidentiality obligations of the Practitioner as mentioned herein will survive termination or expiration of these Terms and Conditions. The Company has the right to take such action it deems necessary to protect its rights hereunder, including, without limitation, injunctive relief and any other remedies as may be available at law or equity.

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