Dog Eye Discharges, Causes, Signs and Symptoms and Treatment

Dog Eye Discharges, Causes, Signs and symptoms and Treatment

Eyes are windows to the world. With the Eyes, we get the perception of the world, and the same applies to our Pets. Eye Discharges in dogs indicate there is some abnormality in dogs health. lets us discuss a few of them below

Causes :

Superficial Corneal Vascularization:-

Superficial corneal vascularization is one of the corneal lesion. Generally, the cornea is avascular ( without Blood Vessels) in nature. But due to traumatic injury, bacterial infection, viral infection, and chemical burns trigger inflammatory reactions and cause new blood vessels.

Corneal Vascularization in dogs
Corneal Vascularization in dogs

Under advanced stages , there would be reduced visibility due to corneal Vascularization.

Deep Corneal Vascularization:-

Deep Eye Traumatic injuries, Bacterial infections, Viral infections, and deep chemical burns cause vascularization in the deeper parts of the cornea.

Corneal Oedema:-

Oedema means accumulation of fluid. Corneal Oedema means the accumulation of fluid in the Cornea which gives corneal swelling like appearance.


Entropion is the inversion of the eyelid into the eye. In general words Eyelid gets folded into the eye, thus the eyelashes (palpebral hair) gets in contact with Eyeball. Thus animal gets discomfort with eyes and may lead to Hyperemia.


Ectropion is the eversion of the eyelid. In general words, Eye-lids gets away (outwardly) from the Eyes. This may lead to a condition called “Diamond eye confirmation”.

entropion and ectropion in dog
entropion and ectropion in dog

Eye Neoplasms:-

Eye Neoplasm (Eye Cancer, ocular tumour) caused because of loss of regulatory cell divisions and produce malignant cells in huge number. this may be because of gene mutations, radiation exposure, viruses, carcinogens.

Prolapse of the third Eyelid Gland (Cherry Eye Condition):-

(Cherry Eye Condition)
(Cherry Eye Condition)

Pink mass protruding (coming out) from behind the third Eyelid which is generally called “Cherry Eye Condition in Dogs”. This will be re-positioned by Veterinary Doctors and under neoplastic cases, this would be removed.


Conjunctivitis in dogs may be caused due to bacterial infections, viral infections, environmental irritants like foreign bodies, grass, dust etc. Ocular pain is generally not seen in these conditions.

Kerato-Conjunctivitis Sicca:-

Kerato-Conjunctivitis Sicca presents dry mucopurulent eye discharges. It’s a combination of Keratitis and Corneal Vascularization.

Corneal Ulceration:-

Any discontinuation in corneal epithelium is called Corneal Ulceration. Ulcerations may be superficial or deep. Most of the eye injuries (traumatic origin) may lead to corneal ulceration.


Many etiological agents like Canine Distemper, eye worms, eyelash infections etc may also lead to Dog Eye Discharges. In the case of Canine Distemper, infected dogs will show watery to pus-like discharge from their eyes.

eye discharges in canine distemper
eye discharges in canine distemper

Signs and Symptoms

  • Redness of eyes
  • Mucous-purulent Discharges
  • Watery, teary eyes
  • Abnormal eyelashes
  • Inflammation
  • Eye Pain
  • Bulging eyes
  • Cloudy eyes


  • Basically, treatment depends on eliminating the causes of eye discharges.
  • For Infectious causes, the use of Antibiotics can calm down the eye discharges.
  • Entropion and Ectropion need surgical correction of eyelids.
  • Surgical excision of ocular neoplasms needs to be undertaken.
  • Cherry eye condition should be re-positioned by Veterinary Doctor.
  • Any disease conditions like Canine Distemper should be treated immediately.

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